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Lily Herbceuticals Lily's Firming Trio

What it is:
This powerful skin care trio incorporates the teachings of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese herbal medicines integrated with cutting-edge Western science and technology. You will benefit from uniquely formulated ingredients that are remarkably effective in helping to firm the face. This trio includes Lily’s Goji Berry Youth Restore Complex Firming Serum, Chinese Jade Intense Facial Luminous Firmer and Tibetan Essence Eye Dark Circle Defense.

Who it is for:
This trio is suitable for everyone.

What it does:
Goji Berry Youth Restore Complex Firming Serum:
This serum contains several high potency, anti-oxidant rich Chinese herbal medicines to help boost cellular metabolism for overall healthier skin. It helps to control shine, age and brown spots, and restores a naturally refreshed appearance. It also assists with enhancing the overall feel and look of skin texture by conditioning the skin and helping to reduce the pore size, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Chinese Jade Intense Facial Luminous Firmer:

This face firmer helps to combat and delay the aging process. It is especially effective to help reverse the cause of sagging and discolored skin. Chinese Jade synergy helps to prevent degradation of elastin, which helps provide tighter, firmer and more luminous skin. Nephrite jade powder is the chief ingredient in this product and has been known for its ability to help stimulate microcirculation for a nourishing and vibrant skin texture. This powerful formula is also especially effective in helping to reverse the cause of sagging and discolored skin.

Tibetan Essence Eye Dark Circle Defense:

This high-potency, uniquely formulated eye defence system helps to improve circulation around the eye area to help restore youthfulness. This product helps brighten the skin around the eye area while helping to promote long-term improvement of dark circles and puffiness.

What else you need to know:
• Lily Herbceuticals is a customer-favourite and top-rated brand at TSC

What is included:

• Lily Herbceuticals Goji Berry Youth Restore Complex Firming Serum (31 ml)—valued at $60.00
• Lily Herbceuticals Chinese Jade Intense Facial Luminous Firmer (50 ml)—valued at $62.50
• Lily Herbceuticals Tibetan Essence Eye Dark Circle Defense (20 ml)—valued at $49.80

*As offered for sale separately.